Mar 142023

Fully revised for a third edition, the best-selling Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is now better than ever. It includes new algorithms for patient management, new images and full colour photographs, and new and expanded topics including female genital mutilation, consent for
operations, and pre-operative assessment.

Written and reviewed by a team of highly experienced clinicians and academics, and UK trainees, this handbook is a perfect starting point for preparation for postgraduate exams. Practical advice is presented with key evidence-based guidelines, supported by web references, providing the most
up-to-date clinical information as well as the perfect starting point for preparation for postgraduate exams.

The indispensable, concise and practical guide to all aspects of obstetric and gynaecological medical care, diagnosis, and management, this is the must have resource for all specialist trainees, junior doctors and medical students, as well as a valuable aide memoir for experienced clinicians.


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Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care

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Mar 122023

The Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care returns for a third edition, maintaining the concise yet comprehensive format suited to the busy practitioner for quick access to key information, and fully updated to reflect changes in the palliative care landscape. Featuring an increased emphasis on non-malignant diseases such as dementia, this authoritative text combines evidence-based care with the bedside experience of experienced palliative care professionals to give the reader a complete overview of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of care for the end-of-life patient. Symptom management is covered in detail, with updated formulary tables and syringe driver protocols, and a new chapter on international perspectives to broaden the reader’s perception of methods for delivering end-of-life care. The third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care is the essential companion for all of those working with adults, children, and families with palliative care needs, in both hospital and community settings. The following correction has been made online and will be included in the first reprint. Readers can get in touch with us directly using the contact details on the back of the book or at our online form via the address below with questions or comments: Chapter 5. Page 109 The dose for Hyoscine butylbromide sc has been amended in line with NICE guidance ( ’20-120 mg 4 hourly’ has been corrected to ’20-80mg 4 hourly’.
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Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology

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Mar 122023

Fully revised and updated throughout, the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology now includes free access to the ophthalmic online media bank, a selection of high-quality clinical images and videos for a wide breadth of key ophthalmic diseases. Clear, concise, and practical, this handbook provides immediate access to the detailed clinical information you need, in casualty, clinic, theatre, and on the wards. The core of the book comprises a systematic synopsis of ophthalmic disease directed towards diagnosis, interim assessment, and ongoing management. Assessment boxes for common clinical conditions and algorithms for important clinical presentations illustrate this practical approach. The information is easily accessible, presented in a clear format with areas of importance highlighted. Key sections for the trainee include: Clinical Skills, Aids to Diagnosis, Investigations and their Interpretation, Perioperative Care, Theatre Notes and Therapeutics. The wider practise of eye-care is supported by expanded chapters on Refractive Ophthalmology, Vision in Context, Evidence Based Ophthalmology and Resources for Ophthalmologists. Now including newer treatments across a range of specialities such as SMILE, gene-therapy and retinal prostheses, as well as greater emphasis on the evidence underlying current clinical practice and guidelines, this handbook has never been more essential for all those working in eye-care. Whether you want to learn about patient-reported outcomes, identify a surgical instrument, interpret a statistical test, or diagnose and treat ophthalmic emergencies, you will find it here. Whatever your role in caring for patients with eye disease: ophthalmologist, optometrist, orthoptist, ophthalmic nurse, or other health profession – discover for yourself why this handbook has become the ‘go-to’ resource for tens of thousands of eye-care professionals around the world.


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Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry

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Mar 122023

This new fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry is the essential, evidence-based companion to all aspects of psychiatry, from diagnosis and conducting a clinical interview to management by subspecialty. Fully updated to reflect changes to the legislature and classification of psychiatric disorders, and with coverage of the anticipated ICD-11 coding, this Handbook provides the latest advances in both clinical practice and management today. As in previous editions, the Handbook is indexed alphabetically by ICD-10 and DSM-5 codes,as well as a list of acute presentations for quick access in emergency situations. The practical layout helps the reader in making clinical diagnosis, and suggested differential diagnosis makes this title an invaluable guide to provide reassurance to health professionals when dealing with psychiatric issues. With a new chapter on Neuropsychiatry and a re-written section on gender dysphoria to reflect the biological and cultural developments in understanding and research since the previous edition, and filled with clinical observations, guidance, and commentary that reflects the authors’ practical experiences of working in psychiatry, this Handbook is the indispensable guide for all trainee and practising psychiatrists.


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Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Eleventh Edition

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Mar 122023

Portable and reliable, Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Eleventh Edition delivers quick-access answers in any clinical setting. Whether you’re a student, pharmacist, and hospital administrator, it offers a thorough understanding about what drugs are used in various situations, and why. The text delivers both the key points pharmacists needs to know in practice and the information students studying for the boards needs to pass. With JNC-VI guidelines―the standard for drug therapy and pharmaceutical care―it facilitates fast and easy access to answers, and all text will appear on AccessPharmacy for the first time


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Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 3e (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 3rd Edition

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Mar 122023

Fully revised for this third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health is a concise, practice-based guide to the area. Bringing together the latest legislation and guidance with current practice in the field, this is an authoritative reference to assessing and managing health risks in the workplace.

Consisting of twelve sections covering the full breadth of practice, this Handbook covers workplace hazards and diseases, occupational health emergencies, and practical procedures. This third edition also contains new information on ethics, work health and disability, infection control, respiratory disorders, and fitness for work, with updated diagrams, figures and chemical structures to aid reader understanding.

Providing a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the whole of occupational health, this Handbook is the essential resource for all occupational physicians, occupational health nurses, and all those dealing with workplace health and fitness, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.


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Pharmacotherapy Casebook: A Patient-Focused Approach, Eleventh Edition 11th Edition

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Mar 122023

Make the right drug therapy decisions with the definitive guide to pharmacotherapy principles applied in everyday practice


Study companion to DiPiro’s Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 11th Edition


Packed with 157 patient cases, Pharmacotherapy Casebook: A Patient-Focused Approach builds your problem-solving and decision-making skills, so you can identify and resolve the most common drug therapy challenges you’ll encounter in daily practice. Its case-based approach is also ideal for PharmD, Nurse Practitioner, and other allied health courses. Providing a consistent, practical approach, this authoritative guide delivers everything you need to master patient communication, care plan development, and documenting interventions. Case chapters are organized into system sections that correspond to those of the companion textbook.


Sharpen your ability to:


• Identify actual or potential drug therapy problems

• Determine the desired therapeutic outcome

• Evaluate therapeutic alternatives

• Design an optimal individualized pharmacotherapeutic plan

• Evaluate the therapeutic outcome

• Provide patient education

• Communicate and implement the therapeutic plan

Develop expertise in pharmacotherapy decision making with:


• Realistic patient presentations that include medial history, physical examination, and laboratory data, followed by a series of questions using a systematic, problem-solving approach

• A broad range of cases―from a single disease state to multiple disease states and drug-related problems

• Expert coverage that integrates the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences with therapeutics

• Appendices containing sample answer to several cases and valuable information on medical abbreviations, laboratory tests, mathematical conversion factors, and anthropometrics


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Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy Ninth, North American Edition

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Mar 112023

Selected as a Doody’s Core Title for 2022!


Lippincott® Connect Featured Title

Purchase of the new print edition of this Lippincott® Connect title includes access to the digital version of the book, plus related materials such as videos and multiple-choice Q&A and self-assessments.


Renowned for its comprehensive coverage and engaging, storytelling approach, the bestselling Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 9th Edition, guides students from initial anatomy and foundational science courses through clinical training and practice. A popular resource for a variety of programs, this proven text serves as a complete reference, emphasizing anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery. The 9th Edition reflects the latest changes in the clinical application of anatomy as well as preparation for the USMLE while maintaining the highest standards for scientific and clinical accuracy.

NEW! Sex and gender content clarifies important gender considerations and reflects an equitable focus on female as well as male anatomy.

Updated medical imaging and integrated surface anatomy within each chapter clearly demonstrates the relationship between anatomy, physical examination, and diagnosis.

Extensively revised Clinical Blue Boxes highlight the practical applications of anatomy, accompanied by helpful icons, illustrations, and images that distinguish the type of clinical information covered.

Updated introduction establishes the foundational understanding of systemic information and basic concepts essential to success from the classroom to the dissection lab.

Revised comprehensive surface anatomy photographs ensure accurate, effective physical examination diagnoses with integrated natural views of unobstructed surface anatomy and illustrations superimposing anatomical structures with landmarks for more accurate physical examination.

Insightfully rendered, anatomically accurate illustrations, combined with many photographs and medical images, strengthen comprehension of anatomical concepts and retention of “mental images” of anatomical structures.

Bottom Line boxes provide detailed summaries at a glance and underscore the “big-picture” perspective.

Illustrated tables clarify complex information about muscles, veins, arteries, nerves, and other structures for easy study and review.

Chapter outlines help students find key information quickly and efficiently.

Additional online resources:

NEW! 20 BioDigital 3D tours provide an ideal self-study experience, allowing students to peel away layers, rotate models, zoom, fade, and test their knowledge with 3D quizzes.

More than 100 interactive clinical vignette multiple-choice questions and answers provide valuable self-test opportunities for exam review.

Over 140 case studies with questions and explanations engage students in the clinical application process of anatomic principles.

Lippincott® Connect features:

Full access to the digital version of the book with the ability to highlight and take notes on key passages for a more personal, efficient study experience.

Carefully curated resources, such as interactive diagrams, audio and video tutorials, and self-assessment, all designed to facilitate further comprehension.

Lippincott® Connect also allows users to create Study Collections to further personalize the study experience. With Study Collections you can:

Pool content from books across your entire library into self-created Study Collections based on discipline, procedure, organ, concept or other topics.

Display related text passages, video clips and self-assessment questions from each book (if available) for efficient absorption of material.

Annotate and highlight key content for easy access later.

Navigate seamlessly between book chapters, sections, self-assessments, notes and highlights in a single view/page.


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Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, Eleventh Edition 11th Edition

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Mar 112023

25+ additional chapters available online!

The classic guide to driving optimal patient outcomes using evidence-based medication therapies―updated with the latest advances and guidelines

A  Doody’s Core Title for 2021!




Presented in full color, Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 11th Edition helps you deliver the highest-quality patient care through evidence-based medication therapy derived from sound pharmacotherapeutic principles. It takes you beyond drug indications and dosages,  showing how to properly select, administer, and monitor drugs―everything you need to provide safe, effective drug therapy across all therapeutic categories. With all-new monitoring tables and authoritative content from 300 expert contributors, this new edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest evidence-based information and recommendations. You’ll find Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter, Clinical Presentation tables that summarize disease signs and symptoms, and Clinical Controversies boxes that examine the complicated issues faced by students and clinicians in providing drug therapy.

Why Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach is perfect for students, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers:

  • All chapters provide the most current, reliable, and relevant information available.
  • Key concepts kick off every chapter.
  • Clinical Presentation Tables summarize disease signs and symptoms.
  • The majority of sections include personalized pharmacotherapy content.
  • Clinical Controversies Boxes clarify the most complex drug therapy issues you’ll face.
  • Diagnostic flow diagrams, treatment algorithms, dosing recommendations, and monitoring approaches have been updated in full color to distinguish treatment pathways.
  • Most disease-oriented chapters are enhanced by updated evidence-based treatment guidelines, which often include ratings of the level of evidence to support key therapeutic approaches.
  • Instructors who adopt this text are eligible for a PowerPoint presentation of all images and answers to Self-Assessment Questions!



The most trusted guide of its kind for decades, Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach is the go-to text for students and practitioners seeking clear, objective coverage of core pathophysiologic and therapeutic elements.


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First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 Ck, 11E 11th Edition

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Mar 112023

The most comprehensive and up-to-date high-yield review available for the USMLE® Step 2 CK―completely revised and better than ever!

The expert author team that guided students to success on the USMLE® Step 1 presents the latest edition of this skill-sharpening review for the USMLE® Step 2 CK. With an easy-to-follow bulleted presentation of must-know diseases and disorders, this one-of-a-kind study companion offers the most current overview of all core areas on the boards. Included is a host of learning tools, from key facts and mnemonics to full-color illustrations and proven test-taking strategies―everything students need to pass the exam with flying colors.

Co-written by students who excelled on the recent exam and reviewed by top facultyConcise summaries of more than 1,000 commonly tested clinical topics for fast, high-yield studyKey Facts and mnemonics reinforce must-know conceptsExpert coverage of best initial steps in diagnosis and managementUpdated Rapid Review section facilitates last-minute crammingHundreds of full-color photographs and illustrationsRevised study and test-taking strategiesA completely updated listing of top-rated review sources


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