Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 6th Edition

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Sep 042022

After more than twenty years of recognition as the indispensable guide for all dental students and practitioners, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry has been fully revised and updated for its new sixth edition, now better than ever!

The authors have distilled the essentials of clinical practice into a readily accessible style. Concise and practically focused, the handbook balances a pragmatic approach alongside evidence-based clinical knowledge, guidelines and protocols. This handbook is in full colour, with even more images
and diagrams to aid understanding. It has been fully updated with sources and further reading, including the most up-to-date e-learning and web resources.

The handbook includes revised chapters on fast-moving areas of dental practice such as therapeutics and anaesthesia, as well as updates on the aetiology and management of cancer, reflecting recent discoveries. New material also includes the impact of bisphosphonates, and new approaches to the
management of Class III malocclusions in the growing child. Sections on the differences in healthcare and legal requirements of the UK devolved countries have been added, and all life support protocols have been updated.

This concise and practical distillation of the essential knowledge and skills for dental practice has been highly regarded by dental students and practitioners for over twenty years. Now it is more vital than ever for you to ensure the most up-to-date edition is always close to hand!





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Oxford Handbook of Dental Nursing (Oxford Handbooks in Nursing) 1st Edition

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Aug 302022

The Oxford Handbook of Dental Nursing serves as a practical, easily accessible, informative, and up-to-date quick reference guide that a dental nurse can use throughout their career, from the initial training stage to qualification and beyond. It enables users to find relevant information quickly, and will support dental nurses in their everyday work and provide easy access to information they may require in clinical sessions. As well as the basics it highlights the core competencies and contains further information which is of use to qualified dental nurses working in general dental practice, in the NHS or private sector, dental hospitals, and community dental services. The book is aimed primarily at dental nurses and will also be valuable to dental surgeons, tutors, and assessors to facilitate the learning and development of their students.





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Aug 302022





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Adult Orthodontics 2nd Edition

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Aug 132022

Adult Orthodontics

Complete reference work covering the increasingly prominent area of adult orthodontics

Written by renowned contributors from the orthodontic community and compiled by world-class editors, Adult Orthodontics, 2nd Edition is an authoritative resource on the subject of adult orthodontics, marrying together clinical guidance with a thorough evaluation of the evidence base. Sample topics discussed within the book include:

  • Context for adult orthodontics, including patient demographics and aetiology
  • Treatment planning considerations, including patient case profiles, initial outcomes and longer-term expectations
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, including the links between adult orthodontics and periodontics, prosthetics, and temporomandibular disorders

This book is an invaluable resource for professionals providing orthodontic treatment to adults and those dealing with orthodontics as part of the interdisciplinary management of the adult dentition.





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Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education 1st Edition

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Jul 132022

Ideal study aid for the NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education

Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education comprehensively and efficiently prepares students for the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) Certificate in Oral Health. Written by a dental tutor and course administrator, as well as a certified NEBDN examiner, this revision guide includes tips and techniques to help students with the test. It also includes examples of mock examination questions along with answers and explanations to further students’ understanding of the material contained within.

Presented in question-and-answer format to aid with retention and learning, Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education contains the most up-to-date regulations, policies, and oral health guidance.

Full of useful information to better cater to each student’s unique style of learning, it features:

  • An introduction to the exam process and exam structure, including the style of questions a test-taker is likely to see
  • A discussion of legislation and General Dental Council standards and guidance
  • A summary of the material contained within the book along with website links for further, supplementary study
  • Treatments of a wide variety of topics, including plaque, sugars, erosion, fluoride, and more

Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education is perfect for qualified dental nurses seeking to extend their duties with a post-registration qualification like the NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education.





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Orthodontic Aligner Treatment: A Review of Materials, Clinical Management, and Evidence 1st Edition

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Jul 122022

For almost 20 years, clear aligners have seen growing popularity in addressing patients’ demands for orthodontic treatment that is also discreet and esthetically inconspicuous. Especially for the adult patient, these almost invisible systems are in considerable demand.

Supported by solid clinical evidence, this new work introduces and discusses all the presently available thermoplastically formed products that apply a predetermined strain to the teeth and jaw, with the goal of correcting malpositioned teeth, while also being esthetically acceptable for the patient.

Key Features:

  • More than a dozen contributions by top international experts
  • Includes the most recent guidelines on clinical management with aligners
  • Scientific approach presents evidence from material properties research, forces generated with aligners, and treatment outcome assessments
  • Valuable information on changes in oral microbiota, potential side effects, biocompatibility, and more


Orthodontic Aligner Treatment will be welcomed by all orthodontic specialists, as well as graduate students, researchers, and clinical faculty in the field.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.





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Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry (Covering the latest Curriculum) 4th Edition

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Jun 282022

•The book is oriented to provide core and contemporary pharmacological knowledge, easily assimilated by dental students
•Written as per the syllabus prescribed by the Dental Council of India
•The book is divided into three sections.
•The first describes the general pharmacological principles with which all professionals involved in drug therapy must be conversant.
•The second on systemic pharmacology presents a brief account of drugs acting on various organ systems
•The third section covers antimicrobials and other drugs which the dentists usually prescribe or administer themselves.
•Leading trade names and dosage forms of drugs generally prescribed by dentists are mentioned distinctively.
•A separate chapter covers drug and aids specific for dental care is incorporated
•Another chapter on management and treatment of common medical emergencies is included
•Application of analgesics and NSAIDs in dental pain, local anaesthetics for dental anaesthesia, role of each class of antimicrobials in orodental infections, prophylaxis of postextraction wound infection and endocarditis in patients at special risk are emphasized.
•Eye catching hierarchical drug classification charts which help create pictorial memory
•Latest NACO guidelines for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) of HIV infection for health workers
•Thoroughly revised and updated chapters, including recently introduced drugs.





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Essentials of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry 2/e

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Jun 282022

This book comprehensively covers the course on Preclinical Conservative Dentistry as prescribed to second-year BDS students. It has been written with the main objective of training the students in the preclinical labs with perfection. The guidelines provided will subsequently enable the students to manage their patients most effectively.
Salient Features:
• Simple and easy-to-understand language accompanied with numerous photographs, line diagrams, illustrations and tables
• New chapters included
• Evaluation tables provided to help the students self evaluate their preparations and restorations
• Key points given at the end of each chapter which summarise the entire chapter, a feature which can be best utilised for quick revision
• Self-assessment questions given at the end of each chapter to help the students prepare for their viva





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Current Dental Examination-2016: Update-2

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Jun 182022

• Book Covers All Important National Level Exams of 2016 Till Date • Memory Based Authentic Qs with Concept-Based Explanations with References • 90+ Image Based Qs based on New Exam Pattern • A Unique Companion in Your MDS Preparation





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Shear’s Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions 5th Edition

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Jun 132022

Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions

The new Fifth Edition of Shear’s Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions delivers a comprehensive treatise on cysts that arise in the oral and maxillofacial tissues. It is the gold-standard on oral and maxillofacial cysts for professionals working in head and neck pathology, oral medicine, head and neck surgery, and radiology.

The book has been completely revised and rewritten to enable readers to easily access key facts and important information that will assist in diagnosis and management of these lesions. The text has been updated, with increased emphasis on histopathology and differential diagnosis, and with a new layout that makes information more accessible to students and trainees at all levels, as well as to non-specialist clinicians and general pathologists faced with an individual lesion that requires diagnosis and management. Key features include:

  • A new chapter that reviews the pathogenesis of cysts and presents an approach to diagnosis, including specific radiological and histological features that have diagnostic utility in each cyst type
  • More detailed considerations of the classification and terminology of cysts including discussion of the historical background
  • Enhanced data presentation with new tables and illustrations, and increased numbers of photomicrographs and radiology images
  • Detailed consideration of histological and radiological differential diagnosis
  • Comprehensive reviews of the pathology and pathogenesis of each cyst type including molecular and genetic studies that have advanced our understanding
  • The use of boxes that summarise key features and make information easily accessible to readers at all levels

Shear’s Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions Fifth Edition is a valuable resource for specialists and trainees in oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral medicine, and head and neck surgery, as well as radiologists seeking a comprehensive understanding of oral and maxillofacial cysts.






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