Nov 252022

This new pocketbook introduces students, junior doctors, and clinicians to the vital skills of diagnostic strategy and clinical reasoning for hand injuries. 30% of the patients in an emergency department present with hand injuries or acute non-traumatic problems of the hand. These are rarely life-threatening but can lead to high morbidity and disability due to inadequate diagnosis and treatment resulting in malpractice claims. This book is an easy-to-use ready reckoner for physicians working in ER departments and residents or fellows exposed to hand surgery. It addresses the needs of its core readers and encourages them to refine their powers of observation during physical examination.


Key Features:

• Presents the content in a comprehensive and logical manner with an appropriate level of illustrations.

• Serves as a ready reference of clinical examination in an easy-to-use pocket-book format for residents and physicians who encounter hand injuries.

• Covers crucial knowledge in the field of hand trauma.


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Infectious Diseases Emergencies Illustrated Edition

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Nov 102022

Infectious Diseases Emergencies is a compact reference that summarizes the key topics of those infectious disease processes that are most commonly seen in practice. The opening section reviews principles of management and general management of severe infection in acute and emergency environments. The following sections provide a “head-to-toe” synopsis of common infections presenting in both outpatient and acute care settings. The concluding sections discuss vector borne infections, infections in special populations, and bioterrorism. Concisely written and consistently organized chapters outline the most useful elements of diagnosis and treatment for easy memorization and clarity.


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Disaster and Emergency Management Methods 1st Edition

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Nov 102022

Find the answers to disaster and emergency management research questions with Disaster and Emergency Management Methods. Written to engage students and to provide a flexible foundation for instructors and practitioners, this interdisciplinary textbook provides a holistic understanding of disaster and emergency management research methods used in the field.

The disaster and emergency management contexts have a host of challenges that affect the research process that subsequently shape methodological approaches, data quality, analysis and inferences. In this book, readers are presented with the considerations that must be made before engaging in the research process, in addition to a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches that are currently being used in the discipline. Current, relevant, and fascinating real-world applications provide a window into how each approach is being applied in the field.

Disaster and Emergency Management Methods serves as an effective way to empower readers to approach their own study of disaster and emergency management research methods with confidence.


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Creating a Geriatric Emergency Department New Edition

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Nov 062022

Globally, EDs face new challenges as the world’s population ages. Visits from older people are predicted to rise for the next 20 years. This practical and accessible book provides essential guidance on assessing the ED care of older patients – and improving it. It assists ED teams to implement changes tailored to their unique environments, providing guidance across all settings regardless of size, location or resources. Experience- and evidence-based elements combine to guide best practices for older patient flow, staff and patient satisfaction, and improving patient health outcomes. The book features proven ideas for creating a geriatric ED such as specific staff training, modifying job roles, implementing new care processes, and adapting physical spaces. An invaluable resource for practising ED clinicians, leaders, administrators, educators, and system change leaders.


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Patient Care: Death and Life in the Emergency Room

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Oct 302022

“A volume brimming with humanitarian lessons in medicine and life alike.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A generous, compassionate book about what it is to be human and what it is to care. Paul Seward writes in language so clear and compelling you can see straight through it and into the beating heart beneath.” —Kate Cole–Adams, author of Anesthesia

Drawing on a career launched in the first days of the specialty of emergency medicine, Dr. Paul Seward takes the reader with him into the ER in his riveting memoir.

Told in fast–paced, stand–alone chapters that recall unforgettable medical cases, Patient Care offers the fascination of medical mysteries, wrapped in the drama of living and dying. A snap judgment about a child nearly kills him, and a priest who may be having a heart attack refuses treatment. An asthmatic man develops air bubbles in his shoulders, and a pharmacist is haunted by a decision he makes.

But the book goes beyond these stories. Each chapter explores ethical questions that remind us of the full humanity of patients, nurses, coroners, pharmacists, and, of course, doctors. How do they care for strangers in their moments of crisis? How do they care for themselves?

Dr. Seward rejects doctor–as–God narratives to write frankly about moments of failure, and champions the role of his colleagues in health care. And, for all the moral dilemmas here, there is plenty of wit and humor, too. (See the patient who punches our doctor.) Readers of Patient Care will find themselves thinking along with Dr. Seward: “What is the right thing to do? What would I do?”


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Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 1st Edition

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Oct 232022

The Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine is a practical guide covering all aspects of the provision of care in humanitarian situations and complex emergencies. It includes evidence-based clinical guidance, aimed specifically at resource limited situations, as well as essential non-clinical
information relevant for people working in field operations and development. The handbook provides clear recommendations, from the experts, on the unique challenges faced by health providers in humanitarian settings including clinical presentations for which conventional medical training offers
little preparation. It provides guidance for syndromic management approaches, and includes practical guidance on the integration of context specific mental health care.

The handbook goes beyond the clinical domain, however, and also provides detailed information on the contextual issues involved in humanitarian operations, including health systems design, priorities in displacement, security and logistics. It outlines the underlying drivers at play in humanitarian
settings, including economics, gender based inequities, and violence, guiding the reader through the epidemiological approaches in varied scenarios. It details the relevance of international law, and its practical application in complex emergencies, and covers the changing picture of humanitarian
operations, with increasingly complicated and chaotic contexts and the escalation of violence against humanitarian providers and facility.

The Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine draws on the accumulated experience of humanitarian practitioners from a variety of disciplines and contexts to provide an easily accessible source of information to guide the reader through the complicated scenarios found in humanitarian settings.


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Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 5th Edition

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Oct 172022

Now in its fifth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine is the essential rapid-reference guide to emergency medicine for everyone from junior doctors to specialist registrars, nurse practitioners, and paramedics. New and improved, the Handbook has been thoroughly revised
throughout, with 100 extra illustrations and the latest guidelines and treatment advice, completely overhauled chapters on Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Paediatric emergencies, and new topics on treatment escalation, end-of-life care, and sepsis.

Clear and concise, extensively updated, and packed with a host of new X-rays to aid identification and treatment, this Handbook has everything you need to thrive in the demanding world of emergency medicine today.




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Manual of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies (Volume 1)

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Oct 102022

Based on the highly regarded Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management and part of the Manual of Emergency Medicine series envisioned by leading authority in emergency medicine, Dr. Ron M. Walls, Manual of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies provides evidence-based, easy-to-read coverage of these commonly seen emergencies. Through the direction and expertise of lead editor Dr. Daniel J. Egan and associate editors Drs. Gareth M.C. Lema, Di (Fan) Coneybeare, and Marita S. Teng, this reference is a practical guide to approaching the patient with an EENT complaint in a systematic way, providing a hands-on framework for clinical decision making and therapeutic interventions.

  • Walks you through all aspects of diagnosis and management, including a rapid diagnosis and directed approach which are especially critical to optimal outcomes
  • Contains practical, straightforward chapters that are highly illustrated, easy to read, and designed for quick reference
  • Provides helpful information such as pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, evidence-based analysis of the literature, best practice recommendations, and treatment algorithms for a wide range of clinical presentations
  • Reviews EENT anatomy, performing a history, selecting appropriate imaging, and structuring/modifying the physical exam for the needs of the specific complaint
  • Covers infections of the ear, sudden hearing loss, vertigo, sinusitis, deep space infections of the neck, foreign bodies, trauma, orbital tumors, vision loss, glaucoma, and much more
  • Facilitates best practices and promotes communication across all specialties, whether in the emergency department, ICU, urgent care setting, pre-hospital environment, or anywhere else EENT emergencies may occur
    Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience
  • Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.


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Textbook of Emergency Cardiology 1st Edition

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Oct 092022

This book is a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of acute cardiovascular disorders. Divided into four sections the text provides detailed guidance on cardiac arrest, acute myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome, acute heart failure, and arrhythmias. Individual chapters cover cardiac imaging, biomarkers, and drug therapy. Written by renowned experts in the field, led by US-based Alan S Maisel and W Frank Peacock, the text is further enhanced by more than 300 clinical photographs, radiological images, tables and figures.


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Emergency Medicine PreTest : Self Assessment and Review 2nd Edition

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Sep 202022

The companion study guide to Tintinalli, Kelen & Stapczynski: EMERGENCY MEDICINE helps focus and prepare emergency medicine physicians, residents and students for board or recertification exams. New edition simulates the exam experience by offering more case-type and fewer k-type questions.


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