Feb 192023



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Diabetes: Clinician’s Desk Reference

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Feb 192023



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Medical Management of Thyroid Disease, Third Edition 3rd Edition

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Feb 162023

The Third Edition of Medical Management of Thyroid Disease provides the most up-to-date practical guidance for the diagnosis and management of common and uncommon thyroid diseases. It reflects the advancement in guidelines and research for thyroid cancer, nodules and hypothyroidism; all presented in an accessible format with more illustrations and algorithms for management. The contributions of internationally renowned endocrinologists present the clinical aspects from the world’s perspective.


Key Features


• Completely revised and updated


• Reorganized with more algorithms for quick reference and enhanced usability


• Edited by internationally renowned physicians in the field


• Authoritative, comprehensive and yet easily digestible



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Werner & Ingbar’s The Thyroid (Werner and Ingbars the Thyroid) 11th Edition

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Feb 162023

Through ten outstanding editions, Werner & Ingbar’s The Thyroid: A Fundamental and Clinical Text has been the go-to reference for the most comprehensive coverage of the thyroid, including anatomy, development, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of all thyroid disorders. Now in full color throughout, the 11th Edition of this award-winning text remains the clinician’s preferred source of authoritative information on the thyroid—an essential resource for all endocrinologists and thyroid surgeons.Includes thorough updates and new content throughout the text, especially on thyroid cytopathology, thyroid imaging, and targeted therapy of thyroid cancer as well as a new full-color format.Covers all aspects of the thyroid, including thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, thyroid function, and disorders such as thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, and cancer.Discusses surgical management of thyroid cancer, thyroid disruptors, thyroid hormone analogs, thyroid dysfunction’s effects on other organ systems, the aging thyroid, subclinical hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and thyroid disease in pregnancy.Features insights from international experts, including new editor Dr. Peter Kopp of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.Enrich Your Ebook Reading ExperienceRead directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.



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Speroff’s Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility 9th Edition

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Feb 162023

Selected as a Doody’s Core Title for 2022!


One of the world’s most widely read gynecology texts for nearly 50 years, Speroff ’s Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility provides a complete explanation of the female endocrine system and offers practical guidance for evaluation and treatment of common disorders. In this fully revised ninth edition, the editorial and author team from Yale School of Medicine have assumed the reins of Dr. Speroff’s landmark work, retaining the clear, concise writing style and illustrations that clarify and explain complex concepts. This classic text remains indispensable for students, residents, and clinicians working in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, bringing readers up to date with recent advances that have occurred in this fast-changing field.

Remains the definitive text on reproductive endocrinology, offering authoritative coverage of reproductive physiology, clinical endocrinology, contraception, and infertility.Contains two new chapters on transgender medicine and fertility preservation.Features many full-color illustrations, algorithms, and tables throughout.Retains Dr. Speroff’s clear, user-friendly writing style while ensuring content is up to date with today’s best clinical practices.

Enrich Your eBook Reading ExperienceRead directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.



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Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 14th Edition

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Feb 152023

Expertly bridging the gap between basic science and clinical information, Williams Textbook of Endocrinology, 14th Edition, brings together an outstanding collection of world-renowned authors to provide authoritative discussions of the full spectrum of adult and pediatric endocrine system disorders. New chapters and significant revisions throughout keep you up to date with recent advances in medications, therapies, clinical trials, and more. This essential reference is a must-have resource for endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, gynecologists, internists, pediatricians, and other clinicians who need current, comprehensive coverage of this multifaceted field.


Up to date with recent advances in medications, therapies, and clinical trials.


Provides state-of-the-art coverage of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, metabolic bones disorders, obesity, thyroid disease, testicular disorders, newly defined adrenal disorders and much more – all designed to help you provide optimal care to every patient.


Contains new chapters on Global Burden of Endocrine Disease, Navigation of Endocrine Guidelines, and Transgender Endocrinology.


Includes significant updates to the Diabetes section, including a new chapter on Physiology of Insulin Secretion and greater coverage of Type 2 Diabetes.


Presents current information in a highly illustrated, user-friendly format for quick reference.Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.



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Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children 4th Edition

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Feb 122023

Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children

A comprehensive and incisive exploration of obesity in society and the clinical setting

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, a team of expert medical practitioners deliver a comprehensive exploration of the increasingly widespread disease of obesity. The book discusses topics such as the causes of obesity, the disease-model of obesity, the management of adult and childhood obesity, and policy approaches to obesity.

Designed to enable readers to better understand the full complexity of obesity — both within society and in the clinical setting — the book discusses a disease that is the leading cause of ill health around the world. The editors have included contributions from leading international experts in their respective fields that address every major aspect of this often misunderstood disease.

Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

Introductions to the history and scale of the obesity problem across the world and its epidemiology and social determinantsComprehensive explorations of those affected by obesity, including fetal and infant origins, genetic causes, bias and stigma encountered by those affected by obesity, and the psychobiology of obesityPractical discussions of obesity as a disease, including its co-morbidities of dyslipidemia, fertility, cardiovascular consequences, and obstructive sleep apneaIn-depth examinations of the management of obesity in adults and children, including contemporary approaches to clinical and dietary management, and behavioral treatments

Perfect for doctors and allied health professionals who regularly work with patients suffering from obesity, Clinical ;Obesity in Adults and Children will also earn a place in the libraries of health researchers and scholars studying obesity and nutrition, dieticians, nutritionists, and anyone else with a professional interest in an increasingly prevalent health problem.



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Handbook of Diagnostic Endocrinology

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Feb 112023




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Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 3e 3rd Edition

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Feb 092023

Now in its third edition, the Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes is an up-to-date, objective and comprehensive text that covers the full scope of endocrinology and diabetes. It contains wide ranging and pragmatic advice on diagnosis and clear guidelines for recommended management, while also covering the scientific principles that underlie the medical practice in this important field.

The book has been re-organised into 15 overarching sections, with new sections on Endocrinology of Pregnancy and Management of the Transgender Patient included. All other sections have been extensively updated and restructured. Each chapter is written by an internationally acknowledged expert, relates basic science to evidence based guidelines and clinical management, and where appropriate offers an outline of the controversies in the subject. The textbook has an international focus and deals with subject matter applicable across the globe.

The new edition has over 800 images complementing the extensive text and information provided. The book is a ‘one-stop’ text for trainees and consultants in Endocrinology and Diabetes, residents, those preparing for sub-specialty exams and other professionals allied to the area who need to gain an understanding of the field. It acts as both a point of reference for the experienced consultant as well as a trusted training resource.

Purchase of the print work also includes full access to the online edition of the textbook for the life of the edition.



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Best of Five MCQs for the Endocrinology and Diabetes SCE (Oxford Higher Specialty Training) 2nd Edition

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Feb 062023

Best of Five MCQs for the Endocrinology and Diabetes SCE is a dedicated revision guide designed to assist candidates in preparing for the Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE). It contains 350 best of five questions covering the main themes of the specialty curriculum.

The questions mirror the format that the candidates can expect to find in the exam and cover all of the key topics, including pituitary gland and hypothalamus, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and bone disease, adrenal glands, reproductive endocrinology, and diabetes and lipid metabolism. Explanatory answers include references to the most up to date NICE and international guidelines as well as other literature to enable further reading and study. This second edition has been fully updated, with 20 extra questions added to the diabetes chapter to reflect the new exam weightings.

Providing a thorough assessment of the reader’s endocrinological knowledge, this is the only revision book candidates will need to pass the Endocrinology and Diabetes Speciality Certification Examination first time.



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