Essential Respiratory Medicine (Essentials) 1st Edition

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Oct 292022

A succinct yet comprehensive overview of respiratory medicine, written for students and professionals


Essential Respiratory Medicine is an indispensable text offering an understanding of respiratory conditions and their clinical management within evidence-based guidelines. Containing information on taking a medical history, performing examinations and investigations, diagnosis and the management of respiratory conditions, this comprehensive text was put together by a noted expert in the field.


Written in an accessible manner, Essential Respiratory Medicine contains the foundational science associated with respiratory medicine, a wide-variety of practical procedures, helpful diagrams, and self-assessments designed to enhance understanding of the material presented. The text covers a variety of conditions as well as providing suggestions for engaging with patients at different stages of care. This important resource:


Demonstrates an effective approach to patients presenting with common respiratory symptoms

Includes a description of all key practical procedures with diagrams

Discusses acute management of important respiratory emergencies

Covers both acute and chronic disease

Contains a companion website containing a range of learning materials, including downloadable management summaries and algorithms, an image bank, videos of patient examination, example respiratory sounds and multiple-choice questions

Essential Respiratory Medicine is an essential resource for anyone on a clinical placement, rotation, or training programme in respiratory medicine.


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Challenging Concepts in Respiratory Medicine: Cases with Expert Commentary (Challenging Cases) 1st Edition

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Oct 292022

A case-based guide with expert commentary Challenging Concepts in Respiratory Medicine, deals with contemporary clinical scenarios in respiratory medicine. Each chapter is based around a real-life case, and interspersed with the most up-to-date evidence, management strategies, guidelines and controversies in management. As the reader works through each case there are a number of ‘Clinical Tips’, ‘Learning Points’ and ‘Landmark Trial Summaries’ to enhance the learning process along with an ‘Expert Commentary’ written by a nationally or internationally-renowned expert in that particular field. This will provide a unique inside track on how the experts approach these types of challenging cases.

The approach taken in this series is highly attractive to those in training preparing for their specialist exams.


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Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease 7th Edition

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Oct 292022

Get a deeper understanding of respiratory disease with Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease, 7th Edition. This popular, full-color text provides all the necessary tools you need to learn how to gather clinical data, formulate assessments, make objective evaluations, identify desired outcomes, design a safe and effective treatment plan, and document all the steps involved. Using easy-to-follow language and relevant clinical scenarios, this text gives readers a firm understanding of why certain treatment modalities are applied. And with a new chapter on respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation protocol, new information on electronic charting, and numerous updates in treatment and assessment added to nearly all the chapters, this new edition ensures you will be well-versed in all of the new issues affecting respiratory therapy.


UNIQUE! Emphasis on clinical scenarios and critical thinking skills illustrates the causes of the clinical manifestations activated by specific respiratory disorders.

UNIQUE! Focus on assessment and Therapist-Driven Protocols (TDPs) emphasizes industry-approved standards of care, providing readers with the knowledge and skills to implement these protocols into patient care.

Case studies provide realistic examples of the respiratory therapist’s role in successful patient care and readers apply text information to clinical assessment and treatment.

Self-assessment questions at the end of the text help readers personally assess their understanding of chapter material.

Overview boxes summarize the clinical manifestations caused by the pathophysiologic mechanisms of each disorder.

Student-friendly features reinforce learning with chapter outlines, objectives, key terms, and easy-to-follow language.

NEW! New chapter on respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation protocol outlines the respiratory therapist’s role in regards to these protocols.

NEW! New chapters on congenital diaphragmatic hernia and congenital heart disease

NEW! Updated content on electronic charting offers the latest guidelines for collecting and recording respiratory assessments and treatment plans using an electronic health record.

NEW! The most up-to-date content throughout ensures readers are well-versed in the latest assessment and treatment guidelines for various respiratory illnesses and injuries.

NEW! Therapist-driven protocols (TDPs) information is now separated into two chapters to divide content between the basic treatment protocols and the protocols for mechanical ventilation and weaning from the ventilator.


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Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment 10th Edition

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Oct 292022

The most clinically relevant respiratory care equipment textbook on the market, Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment, 10th Edition employs a “how-to” approach that moves beyond technical descriptions of machinery. Learn to identify equipment, understand how it works, and apply your knowledge to clinical practice with this comprehensive overview of the equipment and techniques used by respiratory therapists to treat cardiopulmonary dysfunction. The 10th edition includes updated information on the latest devices and equipment, which are divided into clearly defined sections including: ventilators, transport, home-care, neonatal and pediatric ventilators, and alternative ventilators. In addition, there’s a focus on specific ventilator characteristics such as mode, monitors and displays, alarms and indicators, graphics, special features, and troubleshooting for lesser-used ventilators.

  • UNIQUE! Clinical Approach provides you with a “how-to” guide to identifying equipment, understanding how it works, and applying the information in clinical practice.
  • UNIQUE! List of Ventilators organized by application area and manufacturer makereview and research quick and easy.
  • NBRC-style Self-Assessment Questions at the end of every chapter prepares you for credentialing exams.
  • UNIQUE! Infection Control chapter provides a review of this critical topic that RTs must understand to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
  • Excerpts of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) give you important information regarding indications/contraindications, hazards and complications, assessment of need, assessment of outcome, and monitoring.
  • Pedagogy includes chapter outlines, learning objectives, key terms, chapter introductions, and bulleted key point summaries toreinforce material and help you to identify relevant content.
  • UNIQUE! Clinical Scenario boxes (formerly Clinical Rounds) allow you to apply material you’ve learned to a clinical setting.
  • UNIQUE! Historical Notes boxes present educational and/or clinically relevant and valuable historical information of respiratory care equipment.
  • NEW! Thoroughly updated content reflects changes in the NBRC exam.
  • NEW! Updated images and full-color design enhances your understanding of key concepts.
  • NEW! Streamlined device coverage features the basics of the most widely used devices in a clearly segmented and bulleted format for easy access to this key information.
  • NEW! Content on the latest devices and equipment includes: ventilators, transport, home-care, neonatal and pediatric ventilators, and alternative ventilators.


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Respiratory Care 1st Edition

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Oct 292022

Respiratory conditions are a leading cause of death and disability and account for a massive proportion of hospital admissions. This comprehensive text provides a detailed overview and discussion of respiratory care, with chapters on assessment, investigations, treatments and a wide range of conditions, as well as anatomy and physiology.




Taking an inter-professional and patient-focused approach, Respiratory Care is evidence-based and linked to key practice guidelines to enable postgraduate students and professionals to provide the most effective care. Each chapter includes learning outcomes and makes use of case studies to provide an explicit and practical application of the topic to patient care.



Respiratory Care is essential reading for all nurses and healthcare professionals in respiratory care in hospital or community settings.




Vanessa Gibson is a Teaching Fellow, and Learning and Teaching Lead at the Department of Healthcare at Northumbria University, UK.




David Waters is Head of Academic Department, Faculty of Society and Health, Buckinghamshire New University, UK.


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Paediatric Respiratory Medicine (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics) 2nd Edition

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Oct 282022

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Second edition remains the first point of reference for those faced with treating acute or chronic respiratory problems. The handbook discusses the approach to clinical problems, specific conditions, supportive care and practical procedures, and includes vital appendices covering specific tests and statistics. Designed as a practical guide, it serves general and specialist paediatricians at both consultant and trainee level.

The book is divided into five parts. Part I provides a practical approach to acute and non-acute clinical problems. Part II provides detailed information about common and more rare clinical conditions. Part III provides useful information on supportive care, including for example, use of non-invasive ventilation and the care of a child with a tracheotomy. Part IV gives details on how to perform several practical procedures, such as ciliary brush biopsy, flexible bronchoscopy, and inserting a
chest drain. The appendices provide information on lung function testing and tables of age-corrected normal values for several respiratory parameters.

Written by three consultants in paediatric respiratory medicine, their expertise in the subject provides all levels of paediatricians with practical guide on a subject that is increasingly relevant in paediatrics.


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Respiratory Care Calculations Revised 4th Edition

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Oct 272022

Respiratory care equations are some of the most useful tools available to the practicing Respiratory Therapist and respiratory care students. Not only do the equations provide answers to clinical questions, they help practitioners learn variables in an equation and how those variables may be altered to achieve better clinical outcomes. Respiratory Care Calculations, Revised Fourth Edition prepares students to calculate those equations correctly, and then interpret that data in a meaningful way, resulting in patients benefiting from accurate answers and appropriate applications of data. With its comprehensive coverage of respiratory care calculations and extensive additional learning resources, readers will find Respiratory Care Calculations, Revised Fourth Edition useful in preparing for their clinical practice and credentialing examinations. Self-Assessment Questions are available in the NBRC format, and can be found at the end of each calculation to enhance and reinforce learning and retention. The book is extremely valuable to both students and seasoned practitioners in all patient care situations.


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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide (Respiratory Medicine) 2nd ed. 2019 Edition

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Oct 252022

This book is a comprehensive guide to our current understanding of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), its disease pathogenesis, genetic underpinnings, diagnosis, and management. Since the first edition, many new developments have occurred in the understanding and management of this serious disease, revising our understanding of how it presents, manifests, and reacts to certain treatments. This second edition is fully updated with six new chapters by our team of international, expert authors. New topics include: classification of interstitial lung disease, pulmonary function tests in IPF, biomarkers, clinical phenotypes, mimics, and a discussion of clinical trials. Each chapter additionally includes a brief summary of ongoing research and potential future directions. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for clinicians who desire a deeper understanding of IPF in order to better help their patients.


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West’s Pulmonary Pathophysiology – 9th Edition

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Oct 252022

West’s Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials offers accessible explanations of disease processes that affect the respiratory system. This best-selling companion to West’s Respiratory Physiology, Tenth Edition, has served generations of students. Dr. John B. West, together with new co-author Dr. Andrew M. Luks, presents the vital knowledge you need in a concise, straightforward manner that’s easy to understand.

  • Learn the very latest on COPD, asthma, restrictive lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, and much more.
  • See how pathophysiology applies to clinical practice with clinical vignettes in every chapter, followed by multiple-choice questions and answers to test your comprehension.
  • Visualize concepts vividly with the aid of new radiographs, CT images, and color photomicrographs.
  • Study with ease through abundant chapter outlines, Key Concepts boxes, bulleted review sections, and other helpful summaries.
  • Prepare for exams with 75 multiple-choice review questions, accompanied by answers and explanations, inside the book as well as in an Interactive Question Bank online.


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West’s Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials, 10th edition

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Oct 252022

West’s Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials is the gold standard text for learning respiratory physiology quickly and easily. This highly readable, must-have text serves as an introduction to students and a review for licensing and other exams. The Tenth Edition features the addition of Dr. Andrew M. Luks as co-author along with new clinical vignettes, additional multiple-choice review questions, and updated information on key topics in respiratory physiology, such as blood flow and metabolism, gas transport by the blood, and the physiology of high altitude.
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