DiSaia and Creasman Clinical Gynecologic Oncology 10th Edition

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Jul 252023

For more than 40 years, DiSaia and Creasman Clinical Gynecologic Oncology has been the leading reference for diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers, providing physicians and trainees alike with expert guidance on clinical presentations and management. The fully revised 10th Edition remains the most readable, most comprehensive text in the field. Under outstanding editorial leadership from Dr. William Creasman and featuring a “who’s who” list of expert contributing authors, this authoritative reference is a must-have resource for improving outcomes and providing effective patient care.
Emphasizes practical clinical presentations and management of commonly seen problems, making this text an excellent resource for daily decision making.

Provides in-depth explanations of major topics supplemented with up-to-date references.

Features a new chapter on Immunotherapy in Gynecologic Malignancies, updated information on invasive cervical cancer, and significantly revised content on vulvar cancer, with new guidance on micro-staging for sentinels.

Covers key topics such as precision medicine and new biomarker-driven targeted therapies, cancer staging, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Includes quick-reference features such as key point boxes with bulleted lists, highlighted key text, enhanced chapter outlines, clinical algorithms that review recommended treatment and management options, and additional references online.

Contains useful appendices covering staging, screening, nutritional therapy, toxicity criteria, blood component therapy, and radiation therapy.

An ideal comprehensive resource for clinical practice, personal study, and exam review.

Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.




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Pharmaceutical Calculations 15th Edition

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Jun 192023

Master the fundamental calculations principles and basic techniques you need to know for successful pharmacy practice! Thoroughly reviewed by practitioners, and educators, this 15th Edition maintains high standards for both academic and basic practice requirements, while offering the most comprehensive and in depth coverage of pharmacy calculations available. A consistent, step by step approach makes it easy to work through the problems and gain a greater understanding of the underlying concepts.

  • New co author Shelly Stockton brings her experience in pharmacy practice and expertise in teaching pharmaceutics and pharmacy calculations to this edition.
  • Hundreds of new problems , including many current products and select product labels directly linked to example problems.
  • NEW Authors’ Extra Points provide brief explanations of underlying subjects such as pharmacopeias, electronic prescriptions, drug names, and the regulation of pharmacy compounding.
  • NEW section on equianalgesic dosing for narcotic analgesics, including dosing tables.
  • Student friendly features like in chapter example problems with step by step solutions; end of chapter practice problems with answers; Case in Point features with clinical or pharmaceutical case studies; Calculations Capsules with boxed summaries of chapter calculations; CalcQuiz sections with unsolved problems for review; and Comprehensive Review Problems for a final self assessment.

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Pediatric Neuropsychology: Perspectives from the Ambulatory Care Setting (Studies on Neuropsychology, Neurology and Cognition) 

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May 202023

Pediatric Neuropsychology: Perspectives in an Ambulatory Care Setting provides an overview of the most commonly seen disorders in outpatient settings including ADHD, Autism, congenital heart disease, blood cancer and hematologic conditions, brain tumors, and epilepsy. Each chapter provides up-to-date information on these pediatric neurodevelopmental and medical disorders, including a review of the neuroanatomic contributions as well as an overview of the neuropsychological findings. Alongside the neuroanatomic and neuropsychological underpinnings, case examples and intervention recommendations are provided for parents, educators and others who work with these populations, to enhance the ecological validity of neuropsychological assessments.


With reference to the latest diagnostic criteria, this book is an invaluable resource for neuropsychologists or neuropsychology students whose work includes pediatric patients with neurodevelopmental and neuro medical disorders. It is designed to provide practical information but also the most up to date research in neurobiological and neuroanatomical contributions of these disorders to inform the practitioner and enhance the care provided to their pediatric patients.

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Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology 1st Edition

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Oct 242022

This easy yet comprehensive reference guide covers the mechanisms of respiratory diseases, explaining the main respiratory conditions for clinicians and postgraduate trainees. It discusses their aetiology as well as the basic concepts required to effectively evaluate and treat them. Applied Respiratory Pathophysiology is the first book to bring together detailed, clinically-relevant explanation of respiratory physiological processes and pathophysiological processes in one text. It is essential reading for anyone diagnosing and treating specific clinical conditions of the lungs.

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Cardiovascular Pathology 5th Edition

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Oct 112022

Cardiovascular Pathology, Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive treatise on the pathology of cardiovascular diseases, combining presentations of detailed pathology of cardiovascular diseases coupled with contemporary insights into etiology and pathogenesis. Twenty-two chapters cover general topics, including cardiovascular genetics, heart failure, and transplantation, and specific congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases, therapeutic interventions, and forensic aspects. New chapters address the scope of practice and training in cardiovascular pathology, with a focus on major diagnostic approaches used in contemporary practice and research in cardiovascular pathology, and a perspective on the field of cardiovascular regenerative medicine linked to the basic pathobiology of cell-based therapy.

The book provides a unique combination of details of pathological anatomy essential for pathologists involved in the evaluation of cardiovascular specimens and cardiovascular diseases, and is an excellent reference for anyone interested in the natural history and therapeutic advances in the cardiovascular field.

  • Includes expanded coverage of diagnostic guidelines, standards and normal values
  • Provides a summary of cardiac catheterization laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests to guide pathologists in clinicopathological correlation
  • Presents a contemporary, all-inclusive guide to cardiovascular pathology for clinicians and researchers, as well as clinical residents and fellows in pathology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, and internal medicine
  • Provides comprehensive coverage, including, when appropriate, Central Concept Figure, Definition, Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, Pathogenesis, Molecular Genetics, Light and Electron Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment and Potential Complications, and a Bulleted Summary

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Mechanisms of Clinical Signs 2nd Edition

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Oct 012022

2016 BMA Medical Book Awards Highly Commended in the Medicine Category!


What causes that condition?


What does it mean?


Organised by body system, Mechanisms of Clinical Signs, 2nd Edition explains the underlying mechanism and value of the clinical signs you are expected to know, and the conditions they indicate. Each chapter contains descriptions of clinical signs, a list of the conditions they are associated with (what conditions the signs indicate), an explanation of the mechanism and the ‘value’ of those signs (how reliable they are as an indication of a condition).


There is a uniform set of subheadings for each sign:



Condition/s associated with


Sign value

The explanations for the mechanisms underlying each sign are brief but accurate and informative, and provide sufficient information for the reader to understand the mechanism:


Signs are ordered alphabetically within each chapter outlining a specific body system.

Extensive reference lists of up-to-date literature strengthen the authority of the content.

Video and audio content presents real life evaluation scenarios of clinical signs.

Clinical Pearls highlight the main signs which students and trainees should look out for to help them identify conditions with which the patients present.

A Student Consult eBook is available with the purchase of a print book, and provides access to a total of 200 multiple choice questions covering the 7 body systems, to test students and trainees’ knowledge of the content.

The eBook contains links to audio and video examples of particular signs which have to be heard or observed over a period of time in order to be identified correctly, e.g. Agonal respiration in Chapter 2 Respiratory Signs.

New images are added to depict clinical signs where no images were present in the previous edition.

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Aug 302022

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Pharmacology Case Studies for Nurse Prescribers 2nd Edition

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Aug 152022

This new edition of the popular Pharmacology case studies for nurse prescribers has been thoroughly revised in the light of the latest research and guidance from NICE, the British National Formulary (BNF), the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Royal College of Nursing. While the first edition was aimed at students undertaking the non-medical prescribing modules, this updated text has broadened its scope and is relevant to all trainee and qualified nurse prescribers.

There are new and additional chapters on pregnancy and breastfeeding, sexual health and contraception, and prescribing for frailty syndrome in the elderly. The latest developments in pharmacology (such as the emergence of biosimilar drugs) are included in the text; and all the chapters from the first edition have been revised and updated by expert healthcare practitioners.

Meanwhile, the practical approach and helpful features that made the first edition so popular remain unchanged. The authors offer a basic introduction to pharmacological concepts, embedded in specific conditions, through case studies and self-assessment questions. By utilising a case study approach, they enable the reader to link pharmacological concepts with clinical practice.
Reading this book, and carrying out the numerous self-assessment activities, will give the reader an appreciation of the value of having a sound pharmacological knowledge base in order to deliver safe practice, effective prescribing and improved patient care.

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GI/Liver Secrets Plus 5th Edition

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Jul 082022

Stay up to date on today’s most common GI and liver disorders and their management with GI/Liver Secrets Plus. This enhanced medical reference book is an excellent resource for understanding the physiology and therapy in hepatic and digestive disease. Whether preparing for an exam or quickly checking a clinical question, the user-friendly Secrets Series® style makes this book a valuable addition to your library!


Easily locate important information with bulleted lists, tables, boxes, short answers, and a highly detailed index to expedite reference.

Access a broad range of topics that focus on all of today’s most common GI and liver disorders and their management.

Apply the latest knowledge and techniques with content thoroughly updated by leaders in the field.

Quickly review key concepts with improved “Plus” formatting, which employs a Socratic Q&A approach designed to simulate the types of questions that may be used on patient rounds.

Enhance your reference power through bulleted lists, mnemonics, “Key Points” summaries, lists of useful web sites, and practical tips from the authors.

Improve content knowledge with a special chapter containing “Top 100 Secrets,” providing an overview of essential material for last-minute study or self-assessment.

Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, references, and videos from the book on a variety of devices.

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Atlas of Histology with Functional and Clinical Correlations 1st Edition

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Jun 162022

A comprehensive histology atlas with EXTRAS!
The unique Atlas of Histology with Functional and Clinical Correlations covers fundamental histology topics, integrates this essential information with clinical considerations, and provides multiple opportunities for student review. Explanatory text in each chapter is combined with expanded figure legends in an innovative, integrated layout. The “extras” include:

  • Key Concepts sections providing comprehensive introductions to and summaries of the chapter in an easy-to-read format.
  • Over 100 Clinical Correlations that conclude the examination of most normal tissues and structures with a discussion and visual example of relevant pathology.
  • Numerous Clinical Content boxes highlighted in blue among the running text, sharpening the clinical focus.
  • Synopsis boxes of the key structural and functional characteristics of cells, tissues, and organs, offering more than 50 opportunities for efficient review.
  • Full labels directly on the more than 1,300 illustrations and micrographs allowing students to quickly identify structures.
  • Expanded figure legends reviewing key concepts as applied directly to histology images.
  • Chapter Summary tables summarizing each chapter or section in a high-yield format.
  • An Illustrated Glossary of Histological and Pathological Terms introduces the book and the key terms used throughout.
  • An Appendix explaining the general concept of tissue preparation and staining — key knowledge for the histology student.

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