Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Principles and Practice 1st Edition

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Nov 262023

As the global geriatric population continues to grow, an increasing proportion of people reporting to emergency departments are elderly. The work-up of these patients uses more time and resources than that of younger patients, and is complicated by the fact that acute disease often presents more subtly, without the outward manifestations typically seen in younger patients. This volume focuses on the unique pathophysiology of the elderly, presenting guidelines for resuscitation, evaluation and management. The first section discusses general principles including demographics, pharmacology and pain management. The following sections cover high-risk chief presenting complaints and review geriatric emergencies. Finally, topics of particular relevance in the geriatric population are discussed, including functional assessment, end-of-life care, financial considerations and abuse. This book provides a comprehensive, practical framework for community and academic emergency medicine practitioners, as well as emergency department administrators striving to improve delivery of care to this vulnerable, growing population.


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Geriatric Medicine: 300 Specialty Certificate Exam Questions (MasterPass) 1st Edition

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Nov 262023

This book is an authoritative and well-structured text which is both topic and curriculum oriented, aimed to appeal to a wider multi-professional audience in line with the current NHS workforce training needs in the UK. It is based on the ‘specialist certificate examination’ (SCE), awarded for the completion of higher specialist training. Following closely the published blueprint from the Royal College of Physicians, and the curriculum from JRCPTB, it provides an up-to-date bank of revision material. These 300 questions in the ‘single best answer’ (SBA) format (like the actual assessment), are complete with comprehensive, well-evidenced explanations and explanatory further reading material.

Key Features

  • Maps the entire curriculum covered on the geriatric specialization exam
  • Addresses the gap in the market to educate on the core curriculum for the busy professionals and post graduate medical trainees working towards this examination
  • The book is thematically organized to make it an accessible quick reference for also those not planning to take the exam but seeking to broaden and deepen their own knowledge base
  • .


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Geriatric Neurology 1st Edition

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Nov 262023

Aging affects neurological function leading to neurological disease

As society grows older, so do the neurological problems associated with aging. These can be new neurological deficits due to the aging process itself, or the effect of aging on already existing neurological conditions. Neurologists will spend increasing amounts of time managing patients with age-related neurological complications.

Geriatric Neurology brings together the wisdom of world-leading experts. They have crafted a new textbook to define this emerging subspecialty from basic science through clinical assessment and medical management to social aspects of patient care. Geriatric Neurology covers:

  • The aging brain in neurology
  • Assessment of the geriatric neurology patient
  • Neurological conditions in the elderly
  • Therapeutics for the geriatric neurology patient
  • Management issues beyond therapeutics

Comprehensive in scope but with practical focus for effective patient care, Geriatric Neurology provides top-of-class guidance for the management of elderly patients with neurological disorders.


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Hazzard’s Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Seventh Edition 7th Edition

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Nov 262023

The gold-standard text on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the elderly – completely updated with a new full-color presentation

A Doody’s Core Title for 2021!

The definitive treatise on the subject of geriatrics, this comprehensive text combines gerontology principles with clinical geriatrics, offering a uniquely holistic approach to this ever-expanding area of medicine. Written by some of the world’s most respected geriatricians, Hazzard’s Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Seventh Edition presents up-to-date, evidence-based information in a rich new full-color design. Unmatched as a textbook, this classic is also valuable to fellows in geriatric medicine.

Hazzards’s Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Seventh Edition is logically divided into five parts: Principles of Gerontology, Principles of Geriatrics, Geriatric Syndromes, Principles of Palliative Medicine, and Organ Systems and Diseases. Within its pages, you will find balanced, authoritative coverage of every essential topic – from evaluation and management to nutrition and palliative medicine.

Here’s why the Seventh Edition is the best edition ever:

  • NEW full-color design with hundreds of color photographs
  • NEW chapters: Quality of Care in Older Adults, Common Non-Pain Symptoms in Older Adults, Strategies of Effective Communication Around Advanced Illness, Palliative Medicine in the Continuum of Care Including Hospice, Coagulation Disorders, and Plasma Cell Disorders
  • MORE chapters on Palliative Medicine
  • NEW Learning Objectives and Key Points added to each chapter
  • MORE tables, drawings, and clinical algorithms
  • EVIDENCE-BASED through the use of the latest clinical practice guidelines , references to systemic reviews, and critically appraised topics
  • UPDATED to reflect the most current clinical breakthroughs and advances for managing older adults in various settings


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Brocklehurst’s Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology 8th Edition

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Sep 142023

The leading reference in the field of geriatric care, Brocklehurst’s Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, 8th Edition, by Drs. Howard M. Fillit, Kenneth Rockwood, and John B. Young, provides a contemporary, global perspective on topics of importance to today’s gerontologists, internal medicine physicians, and family doctors. An increased focus on frailty, along with coverage of key issues in gerontology, disease-specific geriatrics, and complex syndromes specific to the elderly, makes this 8th Edition the reference you’ll turn to in order to meet the unique challenges posed by this growing patient population.

  • Consistent discussions of clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and more make reference quick and easy.

  • More than 250 figures, including algorithms, photographs, and tables, complement the text and help you find what you need on a given condition.

  • Clinical relevance of the latest scientific findings helps you easily apply the material to everyday practice.
  • A new chapter on frailty, plus an emphasis on frailty throughout the book, addresses the complex medical and social issues that affect care, and the specific knowledge and skills essential for meeting your patients’ complex needs.

  • New content brings you up to date with information on gerontechnology, emergency and pre-hospital care, HIV and aging, intensive treatment of older adults, telemedicine, the built environment, and transcultural geriatrics.

  • New editor Professor John Young brings a fresh perspective and unique expertise to this edition.


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Basic Geriatric Nursing 8th Edition

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Sep 102023

Provide compassionate, professional nursing care for older adults! Designed for LPN/LVNs, Basic Geriatric Nursing, 8th Edition offers a practical introduction to concepts of aging and the physiologic and psychosocial changes that affect the elderly adult. Clear guidelines help you master basic skills such as health assessment, nursing diagnosis, therapeutic communication, medication administration, and nursing interventions in a variety of health care settings. New Next-Generation NCLEX® examination-style case studies help you develop clinical judgment, and nursing care plans show how to apply theory to practice. Written by experienced nursing educator Patricia Williams, this book provides the knowledge and skills you need to care for an aging population.

  • Learning features in each chapter include objectives, key terms with phonetic pronunciations, basic concepts, and clinical application, all connected by case examples and a relevant research study or analysis of multiple studies.
  • Nursing Process sections provide a framework for nursing care of older adults as related to specific disorders.
  • Get Ready for the NCLEX® Examination! sections include key points, additional learning resources, and NCLEX review questions with answers and rationales on the Evolve website.
    • Nursing Care Plans provide real-world examples of care plans along with critical thinking questions.
    • Nursing interventions are grouped by health care setting, e.g., acute care, extended care, home care.
    • Clinical Situation boxes highlight real-life care scenarios.
    • Coordinated Care boxes address leadership and management issues for the LPN/LVN, and include topics such as restraints and end-of-life care.
    • Critical Thinking boxes help you develop and improve skills in clinical judgment.
    • Special boxes are included for health promotion, safety, nurse alerts, patient education, cultural considerations, home health considerations, complementary health approaches, and more.
    • Medication tables summarize information about drugs commonly used in geriatric nursing.
    • NEW! Next-Generation NCLEX® examination-style case studies at the end of chaptersinclude new-format questions to help you prepare for the licensure examination.
    • NEW! Discussion of the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model helps you learn decision making and develop the skills needed to plan effective nursing care.
    • NEW! Free Study Guide on the Evolve website includes Next-Generation case studies and review questions to reinforce your understanding.



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Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine 3e (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 3rd Edition

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Aug 172023

This new edition of the Oxford Handbook in Geriatric Medicine has been expanded and updated to reflect the substantial changes in clinical practice since the previous edition, including the Francis report and the impact on care for the older patient, the National Dementia Strategy and
screening, and the evolution of the role of Geriatricians in other specialities. It includes new material on risk scoring management of TIA, and a new chapter on the older surgical patient.

With an ageing population, geriatric medicine is increasingly central to emergency and internal medicine in hospital settings and in general practice. Diseases are more common in the older person, and can be particularly difficult to assess and to treat effectively in a field that has limited
evidence, yet makes up a substantial proportion of the work of most clinicians. Using clinical vignettes and how-to boxes to provide practical advice on common problems, this is a practical, accessible, and essential handbook for all medical staff who manage older patients.


“The book gives a very good overview of the main and most common areas of elderly care … it has a really good, user-friendly layout and covers a wide range of conditions in a simplified way.” — BMA reviewing panel, BMA Medical Book Awards 2019

“… Packed with clinical tips and case examples to help put knowledge into practice, […] this comprehensive handbook is well worth the investment and lends itself to being used in day-to-day clinical practice.” — A Illsley, British Journal of Hospital Medicine

About the Author

Lesley K. BowkerConsultant in Older People’s Medicine; Clinical Skills Director and Honorary Professor, Norfolk and Norwich University Foundation Hospital; Norwich Medical School University of East Anglia, UK,James D. Price, Consultant in Geriatric and Acute General Medicine, Oxford University
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK,Ku S. Shah, Consultant in Geriatric and Acute General Medicine, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK,Sarah C. Smith, Consultant in Geriatric and Acute General Medicine, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr Sarah Smith trained at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London, qualifying in 1994. She went on to do house jobs and an SHO rotation at her training hospital, which is where she developed an interest in geriatric medicine. After an ITU post in Brighton, she joined the SpR training scheme for
geriatrics and GIM in the Oxford region, completing in 2003. After maternity leave, Dr Smith was appointed as a part-time consultant in Community Geriatrics and GIM for the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals. Her area of special interest is stroke.


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A Handbook of Geriatric Neuropsychology: Practice Essentials (Studies on Neuropsychology, Neurology and Cognition) 2nd Edition

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May 202023

A Handbook of Geriatric Neuropsychology: Practice Essentials (Second Edition) brings together experts in the field to integrate the knowledge and skills needed to understand and treat older adults who are experiencing problems with memory and other thinking skills. With three new sections, including coverage of other conditions beyond neuropsychological disorders, special assessment contexts, and more on interventions and ethics, as well as multiple new chapters, and significant updates from the first edition, this book provides a strong foundation for clinicians, educators, and researchers invested in the wellbeing of older adults.

The impact and experience of aging, like the practice of neuropsychology, evolves over time. Similarly, through advances in science and professional techniques, neuropsychological practice has continued to evolve. Neuropsychological evaluation remains the most effective method of diagnosing age-related cognitive decline, cognitive difficulties that result from psychological factors, and other related disorders, as well as determining how the various disorders impact functioning and quality of life. This book explores these areas and offers state-of-the-art assessment techniques to assess changes in cognition and behavior and to distinguish normal changes from neuropathology.

This book is a go-to resource and key reference for psychologists who serve older adults with known or suspected cognitive problems, as well as those who are invested in promoting brain wellness. It provides much of the information needed to establish and improve foundational and functional competencies in geriatric neuropsychology and establish practices that are personally and professionally rewarding, all aimed at promoting the understanding and wellbeing of older adults.

[amazon asin=0367569523&template=iframe image]


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Oxford Desk Reference: Geriatric Medicine (Oxford Desk Reference Series) 1st Edition

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Dec 202022

With an ageing population, there is little doubt that the majority of hospital-based consultants and their teams will care for older patients and the many complications this presents. This book provides an evidence-based guide for both trainees and consultants in geriatric medicine and those interested in geriatric medicine. Designed in line with the core Royal College curriculum, it provides a comprehensive and relevant guide to the issues seen in everyday geriatric
medicine practice across the world.

Presented in an easy-to-use double page spread format, highly bulleted and concise, Oxford Desk Reference: Geriatric Medicine is ideal for quick referral for both trainees and consultants. Contributions from the leading figures in geriatric medicine throughout the world make this book indispensable for all those working in the field, and for all those who have to deal with older patients.

[amazon asin=B00HEZZIQA&template=iframe image]


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Geriatric Emergencies 1st Edition

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Nov 242022

Geriatric Emergencies is a practical guide to the common conditions affecting older patients who present in an emergency to hospital or primary care.


Beginning with the essentials of history taking and clinical examination, the book covers a comprehensive range of emergencies, emphasizing the different management approaches which may be required in older patients. Common geriatric presentations such as falls, delirium and stroke, are explored in detail in addition to more diverse topics such as abdominal pain, major trauma and head injury. Ethical considerations such as advanced care planning, palliative care and capacity assessment are discussed with practical tips on communicating with patients and their relatives.


Geriatric Emergencies provides concise up-to-date guidance to the emergency management of the older patient. It is a recommended resource for all health professionals working in the acute environment, in which a large proportion of patients are aged over 65.

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