Current Surgical Therapy 14th Edition

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May 072024

An essential resource for written, oral, and recertifying board study, as well as an excellent reference for everyday clinical practice, Current Surgical Therapy, 14th Edition, provides trusted, authoritative advice on today’s best treatment and management options for general surgery. Residents and practitioners alike appreciate the concise, highly formatted approach to each topic, as well as the practical, hands-on advice on selecting and implementing current surgical approaches from today’s preeminent general surgeons. This highly regarded text remains the only surgical reference of its kind, offering a complete array of topics and delivering just the key facts.

  • Covers virtually every problem that a general surgeon may encounter, synthesizing vast amounts of information into concise, digestible chapters.  
  • Provides thoroughly updated information throughout, including focused revisions to the most in-demand topics. 
  • Presents each topic using the same easy-to-follow format: disease presentation, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and surgical therapy. 
  • Includes eight all-new surgical videos covering enteral stents in the treatment of colonic obstruction; multiple management approaches to spigelian, obturator, and lumbar hernias; spontaneous and secondary pneumothorax, and acute mesenteric ischemia. 
  • Features more than 2,000 illustrations―line drawings, graphs, algorithms, clinical/operative photographs, micrographs, and radiological images―including hundreds new to this edition. 
  • Integrates minimally invasive surgical techniques, basic science, and critical care aspects of surgical practice throughout. 
  • Discusses which approach to take, how to avoid or minimize complications, and what outcomes to expect. 
  • Provides a quick, efficient review prior to surgery and when preparing for surgical boards and ABSITEs. 
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 


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Basic surgical techniques

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May 012024

The 5th Edition of this text gives clear, concise guidance on all aspects of acquiring surgical skills to ensure operative success. The full range of surgical procedures is comprehensively reviewed in a clear “how-to-do-it” style. Thoroughly updated and modernized throughout, this latest edition includes new information on laparoscopic procedures and minimal access surgery. Each chapter is now introduced with a summary box, outlining the key issues that are covered. The book also includes nearly 100 completely new illustrations.


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Review of Surgery for ABSITE and Boards 3rd Edition

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Mar 312024

Now thoroughly up to date with new topics, new questions, and new contributors, Review of Surgery for ABSITE and Boards, 3rd Edition, fully prepares you for success on surgery exams. Ideal for surgery residents studying for their yearly in-service ABSITE exam or recent graduates preparing for the ABS qualifying exam, this comprehensive review tool contains nearly 1,000 high-quality questions that follow the new ABSITE and board style. Content has been tested for a number of years on Harbor-UCLA and UC Irvine surgical residents and has proven to significantly improve exam scores.

  • Covers a full range of topics aligned with the SCORE (Surgical Council on Residency Education) Curriculum Outline for General Surgery Residents. 
  • Accurately reflects the content of standardized tests, with correct answers and detailed explanations (including why the incorrect answers are incorrect) based on information found in major reference works in the field of surgery. 
  • Provides a new overview of key concepts with at-a-glance facts at the beginning of each chapter. 
  • Covers newer topics such as gynecology, urology, anesthesia, oncology, and tumor biology, reflecting the format of the current exam. 
  • Offers online testing that allows you to test yourself and quickly score your responses. 
  • Includes new high-yield illustrations by a surgical resident and medical illustrator. 
  • Features new assistant editors and chapter authors, including surgical educators and residents with a strong track record of outstanding ABSITE performance. 
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 


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Clinical Strabismus Management: Principles and Surgical Techniques 1st Edition

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Mar 172024

This state-of-the art resource examines the diagnosis and treatment of every form of strabismus affecting adults and children. Focusing on clinical management, it puts into perspective modern diagnostic tests, and discusses the range of treatments available once a case of strabismus has been evaluated. Covering both standard and innovative surgical techniques, it discusses the principles of surgical management and the different surgical procedures commonly used in the management of these complexproblems.

  • Complete review of the entire field of strabismus

Explores the full range of clinical examination techniques and laboratory testing procedures

  • Offers clear, step-by-step guidance on sophisticated evaluation procedures, including those for paretic and restrictive strabismus

Reviews the theory and principles behind practice

  • Provides insights into the clinical decision-making process

Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of surgical techniques

  • Illustrations and colour intraoperative photographs


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Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-31: Congenital Anomalies-A Colour Atlas of Longitudinal and Transverse Vaginal Septum: A.C.A.Of Longitudinal And Transverse Vaginal Septum 1st Edition

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Mar 132024

This book, A Colour Atlas of Longitudinal and Transverse Vaginal Septum, deals with transverse vaginal septum. Obstructive lesions in the vagina manifest in different ways. Before the patient is sexually active she may present with cryptomenorrhoea and/or a mucocoele. When these ladies become sexually active, inability to consummate the sexual act leads the person to seek medical advice. A logical sequence is followed in crafting the book by dividing it into sections. Following the introduction are three sections: the-preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care. The book is enhanced by full colour illustrations and photographic reproductions. Special attention has been paid to the illustrations and photographs to make them more accessible and informative. The technical description is to the point.


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Practical Applications of Intravenous Fluids in Surgical Patients

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Mar 102024

This book focuses on practical applications of intravenous fluids in surgical patients. Fluid therapy is one of the most basic interventions spanning across all medical and surgical disciplines. The health care field today is in critical need of skilled professionals to care for patients who require intravenous fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Intravenous fluids are a cornerstone in the treatment of any patient. This book consists of 16 chapters, which include normal water balance, distribution of body fluid, pharmacology of crystalloids, pharmacology of colloids, pharmacology of hydroxyethyl starch, fluid replacement therapy, perioperative fluid therapy in infants and children, fluids therapy in trauma resuscitation, fluid therapy in fever, fluids in intestinal obstruction, fluid management in neurosurgical patients, fluid therapy in traumatic brain injury, fluid management in the ventilated patient, and calculation of fluids. The following chapters describe the administration of fluid therapy for different surgical conditions. Presented in an easy to read format, this highly useful guide includes numerous self-explanatory figures, tables and illustrations to enhance learning.


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Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and Management 6th Edition

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Feb 282024

Essential Surgery is well-established as one of the leading textbooks of surgery for medical students, core surgical trainees and those in professions allied to medicine. Covering general surgery, trauma, orthopaedics, vascular surgery, urology, paediatric surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery and ENT, it also incorporates appropriate levels of basic science throughout. The book is ideal to accompany clinical courses, as well as being a practical manual for readers at more advanced levels requiring a revision aid for exams. Its main aim is to stimulate the reader to a greater enjoyment and understanding of the practice of surgery.

  • The uniformity of the writing style and the clarity of elucidation will encourage continued reading, while the emphasis on the principles of surgery will enable a real understanding of the subject matter.

  • The book incorporates a problem-solving approach wherever possible, emphasising how diagnoses are made and why particular treatments are used.

  • The pathophysiological basis of surgical diseases is discussed in relation to their management, acting as a bridge between basic medical sciences and clinical problems.

  • The book’s extensive use of original illustrations, colour photographs, radiology images, boxes and tables emphasises important concepts and will promote easy revision of topics.

  • The principles of operative surgery and pre-, peri- and postoperative care are explained together with outlines of common operations, enabling students and trainee surgeons to properly understand procedures and to participate intelligently in the operating department.
  • A major and comprehensive revision of the text has taken full account of the progressive evolution of surgery and includes new scientific and clinical concepts that have advanced medical understanding.

  • Ensuring the book’s contents are aligned to the curriculum of the UK Intercollegiate MRCS examination has resulted in the addition of new topics including an emphasis on peri-operative care optimisation, enhanced recovery programmes, antibiotic use and resistance, updated cancer staging, minimally invasive surgery, and the evolving role of interventional radiology.

  • Additional essential governance and management topics are covered, including patient safety, surgical ethics, communication, consent, clinical audit and principles of research.

  • The broad experience of surgical teaching and training of two new editors and many new contributors, all with sub-specialist expertise, have brought a contemporary perspective on the book’s contents and its presentation.

  • New national and international guidelines for managing common disorders have been incorporated where appropriate, including major haemorrhage management pathways and trauma.

  • There are new dedicated chapters on major trauma management and elective orthopaedics.


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Augmentation Mammaplasty with DVD: Redefining the Patient and Surgeon Experience 1st Edition

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Feb 262024

2010 PROSE Awards Honorable Mention, Clinical Medicine! John B. Tebbetts, MD, a pioneer in the field of breast augmentation, redefines the surgeon/patient experience in this comprehensive book. By exhaustively covering everything you need to know about breast augmentation, Dr. Tebbets allows for tightly focused guidance that is principle- rather than experienced-based, with numerous decision-making algorithms and outcome-based techniques, not just one-answer solutions. The book addresses topics that range from anesthesia and case studies of specific implants to practical matters like practice management. The included DVD is just as broad-based in its approach, containing not just dynamic video clips, but detailed operative scripts, the High FiveTM assessment and decision support system for implant selection and operative planning and the Patient education system for 24 hour recovery.

  • Focuses exclusively on breast augmentation to make coverage as comprehensive as possible.
  • Includes much-needed information on practice management, including patient consent, systems analysis, marketing, and data acquisitions.
  • Addresses pre-, intra-, and postoperative care of patient for guidance from start to finish.
  • Utilizes a separate chapter for each approach to breast augmentation: inframammary, axillary, periaereolar, or umbilical.
  • Incorporates case studies of specific implants to help you make the right decision for your patients.
  • Details TEPID (Tissue characteristics of the Envelope and Parenchyma, the Implant, and Dimensions and filler dynamics of the implant) system: the first three-dimensional modeling system for quantitating tissue characteristics.
  • Comes with a bonus DVD that includes detailed intraoperative video of inframammary, axillary, and periareolar augmentation, dual plane augmentation techniques, customizable patient forms, and more.
  • Provides 15 decision-making algorithms for all aspects of implant selection, surgery, and complications—-the only published resource to do so.



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Surgical Management of the Transgender Patient 1st Edition

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Feb 252024

Comprehensive and current, the new Surgical Management of the Transgender Patient provides coverage of the preoperativeintraoperative, and postoperative care of transgender individuals. It takes a step-by-step approach to both transmale and transfemale procedures, and presents detailed descriptions of the techniques and procedures employed by today’s surgeons. Featuring full-color illustrations and photos throughout, it’s a must-have resource for individuals and programs with an interest in gender confirmation surgery.

  • Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, images, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
  • Takes a systematic approach to the surgical management of transgender individuals, describing preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care.
  • Features atlas-style surgical chapters.
  • Guides the user step-by-step through both transmale and transfemale procedures.
  • Provides coverage of hot topics in surgery, including metoidioplastychest surgery, and phalloplasty.
  • Full-color design with illustrations and photos enhances your visual understanding.


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Neurointerventional Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach 1st Edition

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Feb 032024

Unique neurointerventional surgery resource analyzes landmark literature to inform optimal patient management


The field of neurointerventional surgery is rapidly expanding with an ever-accelerating pace of technological innovations. While industry plays a significant role in designing new technology and defining indications for its use, practitioners need to evaluate and determine the most efficacious treatments for their patients. Neurointerventional Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach by renowned endovascular neurosurgeons Min Park, M. Yashar S. Kalani, and Michael F. Stiefel examines the most common disease states in neurointerventional surgery through a critical lens. The unique text leverages evidenced-based data to inform treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.


The text is organized by 5 sections and 32 chapters, including the latest state-of-the-art interventions. Each of the chapters provides critical analysis of the “landmark papers” that established the foundation and standards for modern neurointerventional practice. An example is the rapidly changing understanding of large vessel occlusions in ischemic stroke that now strongly supports mechanical thrombectomy as a viable and important part of the treatment armamentarium.


Key Highlights


Contributions from internationally recognized leaders in academic neurointerventional surgery provide insightful and analytic perspectives

Encompasses the full continuum of neurointerventional procedures in one resource, from hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke to neoplasms and spine conditions

The reader-friendly structure and chapter formatting facilitates understanding of often complicated decision-making

The evidenced-based, multifaceted approach to neurointerventional surgery presented in this textbook makes it vital reading for residents, fellows, and practitioners in neurosurgery, as well as fellows in interventional neuroradiology and interventional neurology.


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